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Movie clips
Videoclip from Spin City-episode "The Apartment"
Videoclip with Michael explaining about Frank Banister in the Frighteners
Videoclip with no real message
Videoclip from "For love or money", in which Andy and Doug have an argument, which end with Andy throwing a vase at him." (real media, 443KB, 18 seconds)
Videoclip from "For love or money", in which Doug snifs perfume off Andy to help persuade a customer into buying. (real media, 442KB, 18 seconds)
"Back to the Future 4 : promo videoclip from "Spin City" (real media, 160KB, 63,7 seconds)

Sound and music
Family Ties theme song
Back to the Future sound bites

Desktop theme
Spin City
(840 kB)
Make your desktop "spin city"-ish (please read enclosed information first)